About TrimTrac


    The TrimTrac Locator: Affordable, Sensible, Versatile


    The world's first affordable, fully integrated vehicle tracking, security and recovery device for applications requiring periodic autonomous position reporting and/or real-time on-demand polling, and cost-effective wireless communications.


    What is the TrimTrac locator?


    The TrimTrac locator is a self-contained and complete packaged end-user device. The size of a white board eraser, it can report position based on a variety of user-defined methods such as automatic sending of periodic autonomous reports, motion detected or scheduled reports, or even real-time on-demand polls for the reporting the most current position. These reports are sent as SMS text messages over a GSM communications network either individually or grouped together to reduce the telecommunication costs and improve battery life.


    Other features:


    No external wires or antenna

    Durable, lightweight, water-resistant housing

    Enhanced sensitivity for indoor and outdoor reporting

    Tri-band GSM 900/1800 MHz (DCS) and 1900 MHz (PCS) for worldwide coverage

    Operates up to 90 days on 4 AA batteries under typical usage with good GPS signal strength.

    Optional Vehicle Adapter Module connects to vehicle power and has a standby rechargeable battery for continued operations if vehicle power is lost

    To activate the TrimTrac locator, systems integrators and service providers need:


    Wireless service from a GSM carrier

    SMS-enabled SIM (subscriber identification card)

    4 AA batteries

    Application server

    Smart Engineering, Unparalleled Integration


    The TrimTrac locator delivers immediate and ongoing value. The device offers global GPS location technology with GSM communications, the foremost global digital wireless network, on a single board, controlled by a common microprocessor. This unprecedented level of integration promotes reliability, functionality, and power conservation, while dramatically reducing the size and cost of the unit.




    AVL stands for Automatic Vehicle Location which is a term used for naming the system able to track vehicles, vessels, and mobile assets such as trailers, containers, and equipment, plot their coordinates into one or more computer generated maps and be able to interact with them in several ways.


    In AVL business, all vehicles in a fleet must have a unit, or GPS Vehicle Unit which can report its position to the HP Base Station over a cellular communications network (AMPS, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, etc).


    With HunterPro Base Station you can monitor a virtually unlimited number of vehicles, so you can raise your number of customers without any trouble using our turnkey solution.
















    All cars can now be secured and monitored

    24 hours a day by his owner with HunterPro GPS


    Four Components of AVL


    The Four Components of AVL:

    1. GPS Satellites


    There are many GPS Satellites orbiting the entire globe, transmitting, positioning and timing data day and night in all weather conditions. To learn how a GPS work, please see the GPS Info Page.


    2. Mobile GPS Unit


    More vehicles are installing GPS devices to track satellites and calculate its position, but the position can only be seen locally, or the system can be used partially because is not a turnkey system..


    A normal AVL system would basically:

    -Receive GPS satellite signals.

    -Calculate your position,

    speed, heading and altitude.

    -Communicate with the base station

    using different cellular technologies.

    -Use an intelligent engine to decide

    when to report data and how.

    -Receive the precise time and date.

    -Log data track geographic location.


    With HunterPro-GPS you can actually do a lot more than this. Click here to find out how.


    Please see the GPS Info Page for information regarding how the GPS System works.


    3. Communications Network


    HunterPro-GPS has a secure cellular transceiver embedded which offers an accurate and inexpensive communication through the cellular network, so that the vehicle can transmit its position and other information to the base station without errors. The communication goes both ways so that the base station can check the status of its vehicles and if needed send new instructions to it, like remote commands for example.



    Our mobile unit offers flexible configuration and

    more advantages like extended coverage, roaming, etc.


    4. AVL Maps


    One of the more visible features of AVL is that you can use base station software to automatically display vehicles on a realistic geographic map. Depending on your map display software, maps can be zoomed in and out to virtually any level of detail, and can be set to automatically scroll to follow a designated vehicle.


    While map representation is helpful in most AVL applications, it's not always necessary. For example, in emergency 911 dispatch an AVL system usually shares the vehicle position data with a Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD), which then automatically identifies the closest emergency vehicles. In this application the dispatcher does not need to refer to the map on a regular basis.



As wireless communications costs decrease, a cost-effective AVL (automatic vehicle location) system can provide many of the same functions as more expensive and rugged counterparts, while allowing you to gain market advantage.






    SRS vandal resistant 1 way Traditional audio door entry intercom kit with , engravable, entrance panel. The vandal resistant door entry panel includes with keypad (code lock), audio amplifier (speaker unit) with volume controls in both directions and is suitable for external use and is surface fitting.


    The entrance panel is designed for surface mounting and is ideal for fitting onto a post.


    The panel can be laser engraved to your requirements (additional charge) although this is not essential on single button panels. The panel can be laser engraved ENG to your requirements (additional charge) although this is not essential on single button panels.


    Panel dimensions 280 x 100 x 50 mm hwd



    Slimline 7" LCD Display

    Dual Input Design

    Up to 4 Video Monitors

    2 Way Handfree Intercom

    Colour Camera Doorbell Unit

    Touch Screen Doorlock Release



    602CLK - Wireless intercom built in keypad for coded access control, with brushed stainless steel construction.


    A popular choice Comelit call point with keypad included for code access. Constructed from steel, with stainless facia. Neon blue illuminated nameplate holder and illuminated keypad buttons. Panel dimensions are 125mm wide x 215mm tall x 55mm deep, surface mount.


    The 602 range of wireless intercoms are our most stylish and modern product, which double up as a working land line telephone system.


    With a wide choice of outdoor speech panels, offering options in aluminium or stainless steel finishes, standard or vandal resistant construction, and keypad options for code lock access. The handsets have a stylish illuminated screen and are constructed from the finest materials in a modern gloss finish.


    This system is manufactured in a 3 piece design. On the pillar front, you have your chosen speech panel. Securely fitted around the back (or if on a front door, mounted inside property) is the transmitter/receiver unit. This is more secure and also facilitates greater range for the wireless signal since it does not have to transmit through the wall or pillar. Lastly, inside your home is a portable handset with charging base. The handset also doubles up as a standard land line telephone!

     • Expected range - 80 meters through 1 external wall

    . • 2 way speech

    . • Volt free relay momentary output to control automatic gates or door lock

    . • Wide choice of speech panels available

    . • Illuminated buttons and LCD screen on handset

    . • Easy to use

    . • Additional handsets available, up to 4 handsets max per system

    . • Reception indicator

    . • Charging base for handset

    . • 1.9GHz digital European DECT communication system



    General Specification

     •Wireless Audio and video with unlock and monitor functions

     •One camera to one monitor

     •300 meters range in free field. Actual distance depends upon local conditions. Consider material of building (metal effects range), the environment (electrical items, mobile phones and other radio devices).


    Video Monitor

     •Desk or wall mount

     •Alarm function

     •Can store up to 255 images of visitors

     •16 call tone options

     •Volume and brightness controls

     •Display of : Battery capacity, Temperature, Calendar

     •Pixel : 320 x 240



     •Camera : 95 x 130 x 30mm

     •Monitor : 185 x 135 x 26mm



    " Wireless GSM intercom system no range limit! " Dials up to 3 numbers in sequence when call button is pressed (mobiles or landlines). " Up to 8 button systems available for multiple homes or apartments sharing a single entrance. " User can open gate or door by pressing * on telephone keypad. " Caller ID access for 100 users, and password mode for numbers which are not saved. " Module housed in weatherproof enclosure, complete with wall mount antenna. " Excellent audio quality

  • Security Safe 8Ltr

    Euro S2 rating. Key operation. Adjustable shelf. Insurance rating: cash £4000, jewellery £40,000. VDS class 1 keylock.

     •8Ltr Capacity

     •2 x 25mm Dia. Locking Bolts

     •Cash Rating £4000

     •Jewellery / Valuables Rating £40000


    Product contents:

    Safe, fixing bolts.



    External W x D x H: 350 x 300 x 220mm. Internal W x D x H: 270 x 200 x 140mm. Supplied with fixings. Weight: 20kg



  • Security Safe 16.3Ltr

    Electronic keypad operation with key override.

    •16.3Ltr Capacity

     •2 x 16mm Dia. Locking Bolts


    Product contents:

    Safe, fixing bolts, manual, keys.



    External W x D x H: 350 x 250 x 250mm. Internal W x D x H: 340 x 200 x 240mm. Supplied with fixings. Weight: 9.2kg. 16.3Ltr



  • Security Safe 43Ltr

    Euro S2 Rating. Fire-rated to 30 minutes. Key operation. 2 adjustable shelves. Insurance rating: cash £4000, jewellery £40,000. VDS Class 1 Keylock. Double wall construction.

     •43Ltr Capacity

     •Cash Rating £4000

     •Jewellery / Valuables Rating £40000

     •Fire-Rated to 30 Minutes


    Product contents:

    Safe, fixing bolts.



    External W x D x H: 450 x 350 x 550mm. Internal W x D x H: 370 x 250 x 470mm. Supplied with fixings. Weight: 56kg.



  • Fire / Media Safe 17Ltr

    Fire-rated to 120 minutes. Key operation. Insurance rating: cash £1500, jewellery £15,000.

     •17Ltr Capacity

     •Cash Rating £1500

     •Jewellery / Valuables Rating £15000

     •Fire-Rated to 120 Minutes


    Product contents:




    External W x D x H: 470 x 470 x 685mm. Internal W x D x H: 235 x 187 x 380mm. Weight: 95kg



  • Water Resistant Electronic Fire Safe Medium 415 x 491 x 453mm

    Fire-rated to 120 minutes for A4 documents, folders, binders and digital media. Advanced electronic locking system with programmable 7 user pin operation and manager override. Insurance rating: cash £2000, jewellery £20,000.

     •33.6Ltr Capacity

     •1.3cm Dia. Locking Bolt

     •120 Minutes Certified Fire Protection

     •Drop Tested to 30'

     •Protects USB Drives up to 1010°C

     •Water Resistant

     •6 x Live Locking Bolts

     •Internal Door Pocket & Key Rack

     •Can be Bolted to the Floor

     View more information


    Product contents:

    Safe, bolt down kit (2 x bolts, 2 x rawl plugs), user guide.



    External W x D x H: 415 x 491 x 453mm. Internal W x D x H: 319 x 302 x 349mm. Supplied with fixings. Weight 62kg



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